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DISCLAIMER: Specifics are for a '64 Riviera. There are slight differences in the wiring between the Riviera and other full-size Buicks, and there may be differences between model years. Double check this information against the wiring diagram for your car before doing something you may regret, particularly with regard to wire colors and terminal numbers.


On cars equipped with a trip odometer, the speedometer and trip odometer are prone to jerky operation.  That is, the speedometer will bounce wildly and the trip odometer will not roll over evenly. This is not only annoying, but will prevent use of cruise control if the car is so equipped.

Before you disassemble the entire speedo cluster and/or crawl under the car to pull a presumably kinked cable, check the trip odometer reset cable.  It can bind in its housing, which will prevent the pawl on the end from completely retracting from the odometer mechanism. You may be able free it by simply pulling down on the knob under the dash.  For a more permanent solution, look under the dash to see how the cable is routed.  There is a hole in one of the dash support brackets (behind the dash) immediately above the reset knob mounting hole.  If the cable is run through this hole, it is a much straighter run from the odometer to the knob, and less of a chance that the cable will bind.  Many of these cables are routed behind this dash bracket, which results in two very sharp bends in the cable.

If you need a new rubber knob for the end of cable, you can get one from Buick Specialists ((253) 842-0584, part # RK-465, $2.95) or Clark's Corvair (www.clarkscorvair.com, part # C19, $3.45).