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Disclaimer: These instructions are for an early (e.g. '63-'65) Riviera.

When removing the door skin from an early Riviera, you must first make sure that the heads on the T-bolts aren't turning in their pockets. The bolts slide into a little pocket in the door skin. This pocket is supposed to be sized and crimped down so that the heads don't rotate. It doesn't always work that way.:( 

First of all, do this in a driveway or someplace where you can find the screws that will fall out of the skin when you take it off the door. After you get the skin off, be careful. The same bolts that used to rotate so freely exhibit an alarming tendency to fall out of their pockets after the skin is off the door. 

Before you pull the skin, you want to disconnect your remote mirror. Remove the escutcheon from the door panel, then disconnect the 3 control cables. Both the cable ends and sockets on the back of the escutcheon should be color-coded (red, green, and yellow). If the paint's worn off, mark them before disassembly. Push the cable through the door.

Insert a screwdriver between the door and door skin close to the offending bolt as you can. As you gently twist the screwdriver (like you're trying to pry the skin off), unscrew the nut. The pressure from the twisting blade should hold the head firmly enough to get the nut off. Twist so that the edge of the blade next to the bolt is pushing against the door skin. This will put more pressure on the head of the bolt. When you get the skin off, you may notice that some of the bolts seem to be caulked in place. It's my experience that the crimped pockets don't work very well. The bolts tend to rotate. I tried "recrimping" the pockets with a hammer and punch, but that's some tough steel. I ended up recaulking them. It seems to work "well enough", but I'm banking somewhat on the fact that I don't intend to pull the door skin very often.

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